Why would I choose a minimal-stimulation IVF protocal? With all of the advances in assisted reproductive technology, it only makes sense that simultaneous changes be made to the way IVF is administered to women and couples dealing with infertility. No single IVF method is suitable for all women -- some women's reproductive systems become overwhelmed with conventional IVF, whereas other women are not able to get pregnant using methods like Natural Cycle IVF or IUI. Mini-IVF™ beidges the gap between those women with high FSH levels or low follicle counts that need conventional IVF and those who can achieve a successful pregnancy through simple monitoring with Natural Cycle IVF.

Mini-IVF™ is also a great fertility treatment option for more healthy and financially conscious individuals. The absence of injectable fertility drugs during Mini-IVF™ cycles serves to make this form of infertility treatment more affordable and less invasive on the body's naturally occurring functions.

In addition to health and cost effectiveness, Mini-IVF™ yields high success rates, comparable to those found with conventional IVF. Moreover, while in some cases, the success rate per cycle for conventional IVF can be higher, it is because a conventional IVF cycle typically transfers more than one embryo, risking multiple pregnancies and more dangerous births. , Mini-IVF™ allows high success rates with single embryo transfers to reduce the risks associated with multiple pregnancies and allow you to have more control over your cycle.

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